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Health Source is your complete herbal remedy and health supplement super store! At Health Source you can select from 1,000's of the finest natural health supplements and herbal products, you will receive the best service, the best prices, and the best shipping rates world wide. We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy natural herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, aromatherapy, essential oils, alternative medicine, or any of the natural health products available at Health Source.
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Our goal is to heighten your awareness of the power of herbs and natural therapies. Herbs and a healthy lifestyle can help maintain good health and vitality. Being informed, knowing what to look for, and how to use herbal products is very important. Our motto is "A superior product plus knowledge equals personal success." You can have a great herb, but without knowing how to use it, it’s like having a kite and no wind. We can help explain the differences in herb quality, supply you with questions to ask manufacturers and show you how to get the maximum from quality herbal supplements.
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Treasured as a beauty-enhancing, health-boosting plant in the Ayurvedic tradition, Neem oil, leaf and bark contain highly effective and soothing compounds especially beneficial to the skin. While sharing many beneficial properties with tea tree oil, Neem oil has the added advantage of a high fatty acid and low terpene content. This makes Neem oil especially gentle and nourishing when used for sensitive and irritated skin conditions.

Now you too can take advantage of this remarkable tree with our complete line of Neem products for internal supplementation and topical application.

Our ethically wild-crafted Neem oil is purchased directly from the source in India. Our Certified Organic Neem leaf comes to us direct from an American-owned farm in Mexico, which has been Certified Organic by the Florida Organic Growers Association. We receive certificates of analysis on every batch of raw materials, assuring that our Neem products are highest quality available.


Cert. Organic Leaf Capsules & Extracts
Supercritical Neem Leaf Gel Cpsules
Ethically Wild-crafted Neem Oil
Neem Lotion
Neem Cream
Neem and Aloe Gel
Neem Fading Cream
Neem Facial Treatment
Neem Toothpaste & Oral Care
Neem Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment
Neem Botanical Soaps
Neem Shampoo
Neem Conditioner
Neem Pet Shampoo
Neem Bark Body Powder
Neem for the Garden

Quick Facts

The Miraculous Healing Herb
Immune System
First Aid
Cut / Abrasions
Sprains / Bruises
Infectious Diseases
ore throat
Urinary Tract Infection
Dry Skin
Skin Ulcers
Blood Clots
Poor Circulation